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Long Term Care Facility Whistleblowers

Is Your Long Term Care, Nursing Home or Hospice Facility Guilty of Patient Abuse Or Neglect?

Our experienced long term care facility whistleblower lawyers help individuals report inadequate care and collect their cash award.

Many long term care facilities provide exceptional, loving care for their residents. Yet, a large number of nursing homes, hospice and other long term care facilities continue to mistreat, neglect and abuse their residents.

Taking shortcuts in staffing, hours worked, treatments and supplies in an attempt to profit from government-funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid results in the abuse and neglect of our loved ones. Such shortcuts are also violations of federal and state False Claims Acts.

Among the nation’s premier whistleblower lawyers, our long term care whistleblower attorneys’ recent wins include the largest whistleblower settlement in U.S. history ($16 billion) and a $92 million verdict.

We represent victims, families, physicians, nurses, clerks, EMT’s medical device representatives, pharmacists and other health care professionals working in or with long term care facilities who have evidence of resident abuse, neglect, assault or other cases that qualify as fraud against government programs, i.e. if the facility did not provide the quality and/or quantity of care for which they are billing Medicaid and/or Medicare.

You can help us solve the epidemic of long term care resident abuse and neglect. If you feel you have knowledge of elder neglect, abuse or assault and want to learn more about available cash whistleblower awards, contact us today for a fully confidential, no cost legal consultation.

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Nursing Home and Hospice Neglect and Abuse Violates False Claims Act

Government-funded health care programs demand a specific standard of care. Billing Medicare or Medicaid for inadequate care or poor quality services is a violation of federal and state False Claims Acts.

Common False Claims Act violations seen in long term care facilities include:

  • Inadequate staffing, equipment or resources
  • Treatment by unlicensed or insufficiently trained staff
  • Billing for services involving neglect, poor standard of care or aggressive treatment
  • Misrepresentation of patient population, diagnoses, treatment schedules
  • Falsification of medical records
  • Staffing up prior to facility inspection
  • Offering gifts or cash to physicians, pharmacies, other facilities or medical transport services in exchange for patient referrals.
  • Unbundling and upcoding
  • Marketing drugs or medical devices for uses not approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Do you suspect a long term care facility is violating the False Claims Act?

Our lead attorney Brian Mahany, author of Saints, Sinners and Heroes, has developed a powerful process for fighting long term care abuse and neglect that benefits residents, government health care programs, taxpayers and whistleblowers alike. Contact our long term care whistleblower attorneys today to learn how you can help put a stop to resident neglect and abuse.

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Cash Awards for Tips On LTC, Nursing Home, Hospice Abuse And Neglect

Your tips on resident neglect or abuse could earn you a large cash whistleblower award. When a whistleblower’s information leads to a successful settlement or verdict, the whistleblower can be entitled to between 15% and 30% of the total government recovery.

Because of the high cost of medical care, our experienced long term care facility whistleblower lawyers often obtain cash whistleblower awards ranging in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for clients who blow the whistle on misconduct. Be aware though that every whistleblower case depends on the specific facts so you should check with a member of our legal team to see if you’re entitled to an reward.

If you are a long term care facility employee who has knowledge of inadequate care, abuse or neglect, we encourage you to contact our long term care facility whistleblower lawyers today to discuss how we can work together to secure patient safety and obtain your cash award. All consultations are free and confidential.

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Whistleblower Protection from Long Term Care Facility Employer Retaliation

Don’t let threats of job loss or demotion prevent you from voicing your concerns or providing the care you know your patients need. Any employee who is threatened, harassed, fired, demoted or otherwise discriminated against by their employer for voicing concerns about resident negligence or abuse has the right to sue for damages. Those damages may include double back pay for lost wages plus interest, job reinstatement and attorneys’ fees and costs.

Oftentimes, company policies - not employees – are responsible for poor working and resident care conditions. If you have seen actions involving resident care that make you uncomfortable or if you are lacking the staffing, equipment or supplies required to care for your residents, we can help. Contact us to learn about your rights as a whistleblower and how we can help improve the lives of your patients.

Act Fast to Ensure Resident Safety and Secure Your Cash Award

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Statutes of limitations apply when filing whistleblower claims and typically only the first whistleblower to report an incident of resident neglect or abuse or other False Claims Act violation is eligible for the cash award. Your consultation with us is the first step in affirming your role as whistleblower.

Our long term care facility whistleblower attorneys work in concert with the U.S. Department of Justice, Elder Justice Initiative, HHS offices, state Attorneys General, Medicaid Fraud Enforcement Units and other agencies to hold health care offenders accountable. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case consultation. You can help make a difference in long term resident care.

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