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Will Contest Expected Over The Late Marvel Creator, Stan Lee’s Fortune

Will Contest Expected Over The Late Marvel Creator, Stan Lee’s Fortune

The recent death of Marvel Comics’ mastermind, Stan Lee, has left many wondering who will inherit his massive fortune. The creator of Spiderman, Hulk, and Iron Man had amassed a fortune estimated at $70 million. Lee was in the comics business since its inception in the 1930s.

Now, everyone is wondering who will inherit the fruit of his labor. The likely heirs are his brother, who also works at Marvel, and his daughter, J.C. Lee, since his wife passed away last year.

Interestingly enough, Marvel did speak about what would happen with his fortune when he died, during an interview in October. At the time, Lee said his daughter was going to be the sole heir. “This money will be left to her, and instead of waiting until I die, I will give her as much as I can for her to enjoy now,” he said.

According to Lee, his daughter was asking for money rather often, and he was worried that the inheritance might dwindle. In fact, though Lee told reporters the relationship with his daughter was good, over the last few years, J.C. had been accused of elder abuse.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood Reporter published a story that included some disturbing statements from Lee, who said a group of three men were using his daughter to gain control over his assets. According to certain sources interviewed by the HR, Lee felt his daughter was over-spending, and the old man had suffered abuse at her hands. But Lee later told the New York Times that was a lie.

Nevertheless, Lee sought a protective order against one of the three men, named Morgan, claiming he had managed to control the millionaire’s home and was trying to estrange him from his loved ones.

But Lee had other problems as well. According to a lawsuit he filed, after his wife died, his business manager conspired to steal over $4 million from him.  

At the time of his death, Lee was 95, an age at which many people wonder if it is possible to make sound financial decisions. Lee told the New York Times that a few people had managed to take away his money. “Lately, I have found out that a lot of the money we made is no longer available for me. I don’t know where it is, but a guy, and maybe one or two others, have found a way to take it,” he said, “But money isn’t worth losing your cool about, you know?”

If any of these stories are true, there is going to be a long line of people waiting to contest his will. It is somewhat unclear whether his daughter abused him or not, stole from him or not, but it looks like the lawsuits in connection with the Marvel Comics fortune are far from over.

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