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Family Sues Nursing Home Over Facebook Video

Family Sues Nursing Home Over Facebook Video

It’s no secret that people post all sorts of inappropriate things on Facebook. It’s even more mind-boggling that people will post items showing them engaging in possible criminal activity. Yet that’s exactly what happened when employees of the Holland Home in South Holland, Illinois posted a video of them abusing a 76-year-old patient.

Now, the man’s family is suing the nursing home and the four nurse aides involved and seeking $50,000 in punitive damages. A former Holland Home employee alerted the family to the Facebook posting.

A Patient with Dementia

The patient, a man identified only as Reggie Doe in the lawsuit, had resided at Holland Home for the prior eight months. He suffered from dementia after surviving a stroke.

In the video, which was streamed live on Facebook on July 15, 2018, the aides went into the man’s room and had him remove his pants, thus exposing his genitals. During the video, Doe is seen holding his adult diaper. One male aide is heard on the video urging Reggie to take his pants off. The lawsuit contends that the aides “maliciously abused Reggie through remorseless taunts, mockery, and lewd suggestions.”

The lawsuit alleges the nursing home and its employees violated the Nursing Home Care Act, which includes negligent supervision, violating health privacy law and causing mental distress to a mentally disabled individual. The family is concerned that this is just one example of the type of abuse Doe endured at the hands of nursing home employees.

Homicide at Holland House

This is far from the first time there has been trouble at Holland House, and it also isn’t a worst case scenario. In 2015, a 98 year old resident’s death was ruled a homicide due to unauthorized pain medications, including morphine, given to her.

On the same day the dead woman was discovered, five additional patients who all had the same nurse were sent to the hospital, and two of them later died. However, these deaths were attributed to “natural causes,” as the victims were 88 and 98 years old at the time of their demise. A state investigation into the three deaths is currently ongoing.

Police sources told a local CBS affiliate that it is believed the nurse involved sedated the patients to make her workload easier. While the nurse was fired, no criminal charges were filed against her.

The daughter of the dead woman is herself a nurse, and considered moving her mother out of Holland House because she didn’t think the staff was taking “diligent” care of her mother. Plans were in place for the move, but it was too late.

She has filed a lawsuit against Holland House, and the allegations in the suit contend that the nurse in question did not have a valid license and that she was the only person with access to a locked drug cart. Her attorney says there is no licensed nurse dispensing morphine on the night his client’s mother died.

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