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Are You Or A Senior (60+) Loved One A Financial Fraud Or Nursing Home Abuse Victim?

We help victims recover lost money, sue for damages, restore their dignity, and protect their rights.

Our group of highly experienced attorneys are focused on stopping people and companies that prey upon the trust and frailty of America’s senior citizens. You have likely seen our lawyers in the national news as lead counsel in some of the highest visibility cases of our times in complex cases against many of the world’s largest companies.

We regularly prevail against corporate giants, mid-size firms, financial predators or people (sometimes family) intent on physically, mentally or financially harming a generation deserving our best.

Our work typically falls in these categories:

There are strict time limits, called statutes of limitations, in elder law cases so we encourage you to get help at the earliest possible moment. If you miss these limits, you can lose your rights.

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Elder Financial Fraud, Abuse & Exploitation

If you or a senior loved one are a victim of financial exploitation, abuse or fraud involving more than $500,000 our experienced elder law attorneys can help.

Elder financial fraud, scams where victims are typically retirees, is rampant across the United States from New York and Connecticut to Florida to Texas and California and everywhere in between – with more than $3 billion is reported loses. As seniors are the least likely among victims to report being cheated, the total loss to illegal schemes is likely a multiple of $3 billion.

Perhaps worse yet is negligent or reckless advice from a financial advisor, “wealth manager”, stock broker, lawyer, accountant, or another professional you trusted for independent advice and/or financial management.

Financial exploitation of seniors can take many forms:

  • Stock broker fraud
  • Financial advisor negligence or misconduct
  • Affinity fraud
  • Fiduciary schemes
  • Accounting or legal malpractice

When an elder loses their hard earned money due to the reckless advice of a stock broker or financial advisor, or to outright fraud or theft by a trusted professional or family member, they can often recover the lost money, and sometimes additional cash damages.

If you’re an older American who has been cheated or is the victim of bad financial advice resulting in a loss of more than $500,000 our experienced elder financial fraud and exploitation recovery lawyers can help.

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Will Contests and Inheritance or Estate Disputes

Contesting or defending the validity of a will is a complex legal matter and can quickly escalate to an emotionally charged battle between family members and others disputing the legality of an inheritance or bequest.

Our lawyers know the rules and realities of the law in will contests and disagreements over inheritances with the first issue being whether or not there are grounds to contest a will document.

The grounds for contesting a will’s validity typically fall within these categories:

  • Formal or Technical Requirements (State laws vary)
  • Undue Influence (Taking advantage)
  • Lack of Capacity  (Sound mind and legal age)
  • Fraud or Duress (Trickery or mental or physical force or threat)

Whether you are attacking the validity of a will or defending it or otherwise addressing an inheritance dispute it makes sense to learn your legal rights at the earliest possible moment. With a clear view of possible outcomes, settlements can be quickly reached and expense and family trauma averted. That said, when outcomes are in doubt you must prepare early to defend your legal rights.

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Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect –
We Sue Nursing Homes

Can I sue a nursing home? This is the most frequent question we hear from nursing home neglect victims and their families.

The answer is: Yes you can sue a nursing home and with our legal team on your side it’s suddenly a level playing field. Our simple premise is we make certain that nursing homes, long term care facilities and the like treat their patients well. We do not accept their excuses, dodgy explanations, or efforts to suggest an abused patient is lying or over reacting.

We hold nursing homes accountable and we sue nursing homes every week. Typically nursing home claims arise when an assisted living or long term care facility violates their legal and moral duties to care for the people, usually elders, placed in their care. There are countless acts, and failures to act, that constitute abuse or neglect but the most frequent categories include:

  • Patient – Resident Neglect  (falls, bedsores, medical complications from neglect)
  • Emotional Abuse  (abusive language, inattention, threats)
  • Sexual Assault
  • Physical Abuse  (rough treatment, assault, careless assistance)
  • Financial Abuse  (accessing a patient’s accounts through threat or deceit)

We take immediate action to preserve your loved one’s physical and emotional well-being and have both the legal experience and investigative resources to stop nursing home abuse in its tracks.

Act quickly to help your loved one and others (typically when one patient/resident is a victim, there are others too) by speaking confidentially with one of our experienced and aggressive nursing home abuse lawyers: 833.201.1555 or Connect Online.

We offer contingent fees on nursing home abuse cases, meaning you only pay us if and when we win compensation for you.

Whistleblower Lawsuits against
Long Term Care Facilities

We are among America’s leading whistleblower lawyers, holding the U.S. record for the largest settlement in history at $16 billion (yes, billion), a recent $92 million verdict and scores of other healthcare and other whistleblower cases settled or currently in process.

As deeply experienced lawyers in this complex area of law we have developed a process for fighting nursing home abuse in an additional and powerful manner. In essence, when a long term care facility bills Medicaid or Medicare for part or all of the care of a resident – patient and then fails to provide that care (abuse, neglect, assault…), they are defrauding State and Federal government programs which opens a host of opportunity for a victim and their families (or a whistle blowing employee of the facility) to fight back.

We work daily with the U.S. Department of Justice, state Attorneys General across the country, HHS offices, Medicaid Fraud Enforcement Units and other law enforcement agencies to bring corporate healthcare evildoers to justice. Our lead attorney, Brian Mahany, is a former law enforcement official as well as author of Saints, Sinners & Heroes – 2017’s number one selling book on blowing the whistle on fraud and abuse.

Although stopping the neglect, abuse, assault… is of course your and our number one priority, you should be aware that substantial cash rewards are available for exposing long term care facilities that fail to provide proper care for our most vulnerable citizens.

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We can help you stop elder fraud and financial abuse, nursing home neglect or worse, and represent you in will contests and other sorts of inheritance disputes. We have some of the country’s most experienced lawyers and always offer a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your own or your senior loved one’s circumstances. We are passionate and aggressive advocates with powerful track records and we want to help.

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